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Where Everyone Knows Your Name


The Pearl is Hip and Trendy. But there is still one “Dive Bar” left. The Low Brow Lounge.
But unlike other dive bars, this one is clean, and well run. Some of the “Trendy Places” need to send their staff to the Low Brow as “Mystery Drinkers”, to see what impeccable customer service looks like. The prices are reasonable especially for happy hour. The food is basic, simple but done nicely. After 3 visits, the friendly staff will know your name and what your favorite drink is. But beware, if you are looking for a dive bar where you can get drunk, be totally obnoxious and make a complete fool or yourself, you will most likely be asked to leave. They don’t put up with that crap, (There is a $50 barf clean up fee!) This low tolerance for low-life at the Low Brow, keeps the “regulars” coming back. It is the closest thing that The Pearl has to Cheers.

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