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Should This Pearl Apartment Be Built?

Block 136

A proposed 14 story apartment that is currently in the design review process is creating some opposition. But then of course every new building proposal attracts some opposition. However, this one has some organized muscle behind it. is the main organization trying to stop this project. Check their website out to see what their mission is.

The proposed building is located on block 136. The Pacific Northwest College of Art building would be demolished to make way for the new building. It is located south of Kearney, north of Johnson, between 12th and 13th Ave.

The opponents contend that this building is too high for this location. They have issues with the shading that this building would create. They also contend that it is out of character with existing buildings. Some people think that all the new development is at a rate that is too much, and too fast.

Supporters of this project, including members of the Pearl District Neighborhood Association, contend that the size and design is consisted with the area. They contend that high urban density is a necessity for a vibrant community, which includes successful businesses. In addition, they say that it is consistent with the Pearl District Master Plan. It should be noted that tallest building in The Pearl is located just 2 blocks away.

This is our neighborhood. Residents do have input. The next design hearing is coming up on Thursday, July 24. It will be held at 1900 SW 4th Ave. Room 2500A at 1:30PM
You will have a chance to make a short statement.

What are your thoughts about this proposed project? Build it? Kill it? Modify it


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