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The Pearl District Has A New Alarm Clock.

SnoozThe North Pearl District has a new alarm clock.   It use to be set for 7:00 AM.   7AM is when construction can start.  Of course,  when it does,  it acts as an alarm clock.   This of course doesn’t bother me,  because I usually up by 5:45.   Since construction has started on Block 15,  located between Overton and Northrup,  10th and 11th,   over the last 2 weeks start times have been a little bit earlier.  First is was 6:50,  no one seem to notice or care.   Then  6:40,  then 6:30.   But on August 1,  Patrice Hanson,  a resident of the nearby Sitka,  was awaken by the construction notice… can you believe it…..5:30.  Patrice, as you may recall is one of the leaders of the Portland Coalition to Curb Construction Noise.   That group against all odds,  convinced the developers to switch to a more modern and quiet Pile Drive.  She has suggested that if anyone is bothered by the early morning noise,  to contact the city noise ordinance department.   503) 823-7350.

What do you think about construction start times?

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